The Center is the public legal entity acting as the state budget institution and carrying out long-term fundamental and experimental research important to the state, society, trade companies and international cooperation in the fields established in the statute of the Center.


The center’s main objective is to ensure the international level competence in the national physical and technology science fields, to carry out the long-term fundamental and experimental research in the fields of physics, chemistry and technologies important to the continuity and development of the national economy and society;

  • To help carry out expertise in the fundamental research and experimental development projects, programs and expertise conforming to competence of the Center, providing scientific consultations and implementing the patent activity
  • To collaborate with business, public authority and society representatives, to perform contract work in the scientific research and experimental development fields, to render methodological and other assistance;
  • To consolidate state-of-the-art scientific investigations in chemistry, physics and technologies in Lithuania, to optimally satisfy the demands of the national economy growth and training highest qualification scientists as well as to disseminate scientific knowledge to the society and introduce it into the culture, education, public health, social and economic activity, to contribute to the development of economy based on innovations and know-how and upbringing of the knowledge-susceptible society
  • To maintain close creative contacts with other Lithuanian and foreign science and studies institutions and researchers.

SCIENCE DIRECTIONS – physics (02P), chemistry (03P), biophysics (02B), biochemistry (04P), ecology and environmental research (03B), electrical and electronics engineering (01T), chemical engineering (05T), power engineering and thermo-engineering (06T), informatics engineering (07T), material engineering (08T), measurement engineering (10T).


In 2010 three separate institutes were joined into the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology which is the state founded scientific research inistitute;

  • The Institute of Physics
  • Semiconductor Physics Institute
  • The Institute of Chemistry
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