Conference: Science Link and Beyond

Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron DESY, Hamburg, Germany
27 February, 2014

The track record is looking good - not to say excellent. With only three calls Science Link has managed to exceeded the set goals and has received a total of 66 applications for free experiments and analysis from new users. The goal was 40 new users.

These 66 companies have now not only access to advanced research facilities and methods for experiments, but are also receiving professional scientific assistance prior, during and after the experiment. Experiments and results that will most probably help the companies take their product development one or many steps further and generate a concrete benefit.

Breadth and Depth
The companies that have applied cover a broad range of industries, they are foremost small to medium enterprises and they all operate in the Baltic Sea Region. To mention some of the new users,Sol Voltaics, Mexeo, Alfa Laval, Orbital Systems and the list goes on.

The end or the beginning

Officially Science Link and Beyond is the final conference for the project, but we would rather see it as the beginning, a next step and a contribution to a regional cooperation and exchange that in the long run, will help strengthen the regions’ competitiveness globally.

Some of the items presented and discussed

  • The Benefit - companies that have performed experiments share their experiences
  • The Findings - lessons learned from the project
  • The Created infrastructure
  • Future performance and platforms

The conference to learn and discuss about how research infrastructures can make a difference to industry and why this interaction should be further developed, and what plans there are to give companies better access to these valuable resources.

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