As the regional promotion agency for Skåne in Southern Sweden, our role is to facilitate inward investment and promote the internationalisation of our region’s industry. Our free professional advice and services are designed to help companies considering investment in and/or expansion to this vibrant region. We also assist Swedish companies to find international partners.

Services offered

  • Contacts, network
  • Advice
  • Introductions
  • Selection and planning

Invest in Skåne provides a complete and reliable investment service and opens up a qualified network of opportunities.

Skåne - a shining light in materials science

The materials science infrastructure is already in place in Skåne – world-class research facilities, leading scientists, global customers and a commitment at both EU and Swedish Government levels to invest in future facilities. Established over 25 years ago the existing synchrotron research centre, Max IV Laboratory, serves a variety of customers from the Life Science, ICT, Chemicals and the Food & Packaging industries.

Major investments are going into the development of the Max IV laser synchrotron source (operational 2015), and the European Spallation Source (ESS), harnessing the world’s most powerful neutron source (operational 2019). These facilities will form one the foremost materials science research hubs in the world when completed.

This broad spectrum of high-tech industries and outstanding research facilities creates a dynamic materials science environment and test bed close at hand.

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