Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) is the main governmental institution, responsible for implementation of innovation policy in Lithuania.

In short

Mission: To provide professional services aiming to foster the development of Lithuanian science, industry and services sectors based on advanced technologies and innovation. The vision of the agency is to become a leader that helps to realize innovative ideas of Lithuanian business and science.

Employees: Currently 36 employees are working on programs and initiatives.

History: MITA was established in 2010 with the aim to foster business and science cooperation and to create a favorable environment for entrepreneurship and innovation in Lithuania. These goals are foreseen in national Innovation Strategy. The Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Education and Science are the main founders of MITA. The activities of MITA are jointly supported and funded by them.


  • Funding of joint business and science projects
  • Consulting on issues regarding applied research, innovation and technology
  • Strengthening the clusterization processes and public-private partnership
  • Developing the innovation management skills, especially in research commercialization and technology transfer


National R&D programs and initiatives:

  • High Technology Development Program for 2011–2013.
  • Industrial Biotechnology Development Program for Lithuania for 2011–2013.
  • Innovation vouchers - a new instrument to promote innovations in SMEs, to encourage co-operation between business and research institutions.
  • Industrial property rights - a special national tool aimed to give financial support for the protection of industrial property rights that covers the patents of inventions and design at European and international levels.
  • Open access centers - MITA performs the task of registration of these centers at a national level.

International R&D and innovation programs:

  • FP7 (7th Framework program): participation in national contact point’s network and co-funding of projects participants
  • EUREKA: participation in national coordinators network and funding of national projects
  • EUROSTARS: participation in national coordinators network and funding of national projects
  • CIP (The Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Program): Providing information
  • Bilateral agreement: Lithuanian and Israel cooperation agreement in industrial R&D field.
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