The German Engineering Materials Science Centre (GEMS), part of HZGs Institute of Materials Research, provides a worldwide unique infrastructure for complementary research with photons and neutrons. GEMS runs the High Energy Materials Science Beamline (HEMS) and the Imaging Beamline (IBL) and shares parts of the BioSAXS Beamline, operated at DESY in Hamburg. Instruments using neutrons are located at the outstation at the FRM II in Garching near Munich.

What materials can be studied at GEMS?

  • Steels
  • New lightweight alloys
  • Welds
  • Polymers
  • Nanomaterials
  • New engineering materials

Under what conditions can material be studied?

  • Cooling and heating
  • In situ deformation (Dilatometer)
  • In situ welding
  • Small liquid sample volumes (SAXS)

Available techniques

  • Texture determination
  • Residual stress analysis
  • Characterisation of nanostructures with high energy small-angle X-ray scattering (HE-SAXS) experiments
  • Phase transformation analysis
  • In-situ sample environments
  • Tomography of engineering and other materials
  • Structural research on soft matter samples (biomolecules, polymers, vesicles, micelles)

Some of the clients today from the materials research field: Volkswagen, Boehler Forging and Dassault.

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