Spago Imaging is a biotechnology company with expert capabilities in contrast agent- and nanoscale life science research. Their main focus is the development of Magnetic Resoncance Imaging for earlier and more specific visualization of soft tissue tumors than what is possible today.

Being offered access to advanced techniques for the investigation of the MRI contrast agent the company recently performed an experiment at the synchrotron facility Max IV Laboratory in Lund Sweden. The experiment was enabled via Science Link and the company can now announce the verification of nanoparticle properties thanks to the experiment performed.

Spago has now been able to verify size, composition, and manganese coordination geometry for the Spagopix MRI contrast agent. These results were generated in collaboration with the scientists at the Max IV Laboratory. The techniques used were XAFS and SAXS, both utilizing the high intensity, monochromatic X-rays generated by the facility’s accelerator. Size and composition had been measured before by other methods but the data generated now are complementary (core size 4 nm) and build a stronger case in discussions with potential licensees of the contrast agent.

<a href="">More about the experiment and results, on Spago's web site</a>

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