LED development is rapidly moving towards higher energy efficiency and a wider wavelength spectrum. This leads to new applications as well as improved performance in many areas, from general lighting, new and brighter displays, water treatment to the life sciences.

Speakers in this event include professors Hiroshi Amano, Nagoya University, Satoshi Kamiyama, Meijo University and Lars Samuelson, Lund University - three of the most influential LED material scientists today. The seminar will also hold presentations from companies such as Glo, IKEA and Thorn Lighting.
Synchrotron light is fundamental for materials development. The symposium will include a presentation of the Max IV Laboratory in Lund as well as a presentation from Toyota Central R&D Labs about industrial use of synchrotron systems in Japan (at SPring-8).
Representatives from Science Link are part of the organizing committee and will be present during the event.
What: Materials Science for Light Emitting Diodes (LED) Next Generation Lighting
When: October 14-15

Where: Solid State Physics, Lund University, and Ideon Science Park, Lund, Sweden
For more information please contact Johan Kronholm, Contact and Consultation Point for Science Link at Invest in Skåne

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