Presentation about Joint Marketing of RI - Lessons learned by Science Link

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The ScienceLink Network has developed some new ideas in marketing of research infrastructure. A presentation summarizes the findings

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Skincare products without stickiness or allergens

09 March, 2014 News

Research company Speximo has developed its own method for making stable emulsions without using chemicals. Areas of application include skincare products, medical ointments and food. Experiments at the MAX IV Laboratory provided new knowledge which could form the basis of new, commercially viable products.

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Science Link helped study Nobel Prize winning material

24 February, 2014 News

Full control of both the product and the production process are paramount when you produce something that has to be exactly one atom thick.

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Some of the Speakers at the conference

30 January, 2014 News

Will be Swedish Alfa Laval and Saromics Biostructures along with high-tech Estonian Clifton.

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