Meet Science Link at the Baltic Sea Region Programme Conference in Lilleström, Norway, 19-20 September 2012.

This year's conference focuses on the achievements of transnational cooperation as well as planning the next programme period 2014-2020. Topics included are the differences transnational cooperation can make when successful projects continue working as thematic clusters and a look into the future of the European Territorial Cooperation 2014-2020, with discussions of the relationship between the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020.

The European Union's Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013 promotes regional development through transnational cooperation projects. Partners in countries in the Baltic Sea region work together to find joint solutions to common problems.

The conference is hosted by the Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Eastern Norway County Network and the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013.

See you there? Read more and register on the conference site.

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