Survey: Innovation in SMEs 2013

30 April, 2013 News

If you represent a company, university, public administration or business organisation in the Baltic Sea Region this survey concerns your interests. The results will give an overview about innovation support needs for companies and it only takes about 3 – 5 minutes to fill in the form.

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Summer school for Advanced Materials Design at X-ray and Neutron Facilities

11 April, 2013 News

The RACIRI (Röntgen-Angström-Cluster (RAC) and the Ioffe-Röntgen-Institute (IRI) summer school aims to strengthen the scientific knowledge base of young researchers in advanced materials design.

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Survey amongst Companies in the Baltic Sea Region

30 March, 2013 News

A recent survey conducted by Science Link shows that there is a high interest amongst companies in the possibility of accessing RIs in order to improve and develop their products.

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Call opening!

07 February, 2013 News

A new opportunity for your company to apply for beam time opens this Monday February 11th.

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Preliminary results for Science Link

03 July, 2013 Pressrelease

With the third call now closed, Science Link announces the preliminary results of the calls offering companies free access to scientific analysis at leading large-scale research facilities in the Baltic Sea Region.

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Results of 3rd call: 36 companies apply for free access to research and development opportunities at leading research facilities in the Baltic Sea Region.

28 May, 2013 Pressrelease

In all, since 2012, a total of 66 companies from countries in the Baltic Sea region have applied for free experiment time.

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30 companies apply for research and development opportunities at research facilities offered by Science Link

19 December, 2012 Pressrelease

As a result of the 2nd call within the project Science Link, 30 companies have now applied to perform R&D experiments along with consultation services at research facilities within the project’s network.

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